Drip Irrigation

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Farmware Kenya Ltd

Farmware Kenya Ltd. provides and installs reliable greenhouses, irrigation systems, Insect nets and Dam Liners. Their experienced personal always endeavour to create a lasting relationship with their clients.

Drip Irrigation Kits

1/8 Acre (500 sqm) - KSH 22,000

1/4 Acre (1000 sqm) - KSH 38,000

1/2 Acre (2050 sqm) - KSH 58,000

1 Acre (4100 sqm) - KSH 120,000

The above kits are ideal for farming tomatoes, capsicums, cabbages, kale, spinach, chillies etc. Farming onions and garlic will require more material and therefore will have a price increase of approximately 20%.

*Please note that all costs are inclusive of piping from your tank, drip laterals, connectors, fittings, installation, training and VAT. Costs are exclusive of water holding tanks and delivery.*

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